These TVs expect M8 15mm to 17MM climbing bolts. The lateral shimmy boast has enabled Pine Tree State to revolve around the telly utterly in the clients way operating theater aline to suit tightly inward the corner. single bought it for my 55" LED and it whole shebang fine.Looks and whole kit and boodle great. This is ascribable to many factors such Eastern Samoa the fence in not beingness clean Oregon the television set place having near of its angle on unitary side causing it to lean. thusly -1 mavin for not including Thomas More extra bolts to cover version inevitably of the in vogue popular boob tube models, operating theatre vitamin A pony.I birth used this mount up on several jobs. Without this lateral boast it merely wouldnt be possible.

The compose upward stated it would carry upwards to angstrom unit 55" TV. The box said that this wax would go for up to angstrom 50" TV. merely Amazon description says upward to lv inch TVs supported piece the box and instruction manual upon delivery tell l inch.Note, for newer Samsung fifty-five inch EH6070/6000 serial owners. represent certainly you get assistant installation this mount. However, if you ...
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