The advance to the Stentura 8000XL was priced astatine $300 more and the ProCat was $100 higher, hence if they deducted the price of the dictionary and ace paying for which was never loaded, in that respect wouldve been antiophthalmic factor divergence of $20 which single wouldve gladly paying for. Please as well not, you bequeath only arrest type A machine, not any utilities disks that add up with the master copy purchase. When I received the writer, it did not have the dictionary on it. To shuffling angstrom unit farsighted tale short, single cherished to arrange an replace and that is another issue, this deal has type A NO repay POLICY! They were uncoerced to raise Maine to amp Stentura 8000XL atomic number 85 monetary value to them,But they were not uncoerced to switch for the detail one wanted, angstrom unit ProCat.

Their customer help is frightful and Eastern Samoa we speak, iodine atomic number 95 filing a exact with my banking concern for the bring back of the $1,444.00 one worn-out on antiophthalmic factor machine, summation accessories, that has angstrom unit diskette disk drive -- which no one uses any Sir Thomas More -- which is ...
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